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Sep 23, 2012 3:30pm PDT
. if the president captures florida, ohio, virginia, almost one of those, certainly two of those, and in virginia, you now see the president pulling ahead, and bringing along the senate candidate tim kaine with him. and the momentum is really with obama right now. now, whether la is going to last, we don't know. but romney has a lot to worry about. >> to whom does obama have to be grateful for making it appear that he, obama, pulled the chest nuts oust the nuts -- oust the fire? >> i really give a lot of credit to bill clinton. he really framed the opinion against the republicans and he worked in florida. and look for clinton triangulation to return if he wins. >> and we heard about the performance of bill clinton. was there anything comparable in the republican convention that would help romney? >> no, i don't think there was anything comparable. i don't think there is anybody in american politics who is comparable to bill clinton, frankly. look, the issue is -- >> has romney done a badon about explaining five elements in the economic proposal and is time on romney's side? >> time is not on ro
Sep 15, 2012 12:30pm PDT
, florida, virginia, colorado, those big states. >> that the ruinous. >> secondly obama is at 53% approval and third in the head to head polls the average in real clear politics puts obama ahead about 4 points. that is very, very tough to overcome and it is hard to see what's going to bring romney around to overcome it. >> what are the three states he has to show well in? >> romney's got to win virginia, florida and ohio. >> he is behind in all three right now. >> behind in all three. >> can he close the gap? >> i think he can close the gap but it is going it take something. i don't see what will do it because i think foreign policy will be the benefit to the president who can act. >> john you need a little more time to settle down after the convention. no doubt the democrats had quite an effective convention, bill clinton's speech was effective. there is a 1 or two point leland nationally, ohio romney really can't win without ohio and the obama campaign has done a number on him there and the debates, there is major, major pressure on romney to perform well in the debates. >> the gender ga
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2